We offer professional stucco installation and repair in Cranbrook, Kimberley and Fernie, BC.

Stucco is the toughest and longest lasting siding material. Along with a clean, sophisticated look, it provides superior insulation and fire resistance for your home. At Brown Dog Contracting, we install traditional and acrylic stucco, which is available in virtually any color you want.

Main Reasons to Choose Stucco:

  • More energy efficient than other siding options
  • You can expect an increase in the market value of your home
  • Extremely durable and weatherproof
  • Fire resistant - some insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums if you install stucco
  • Maintenance free - stucco does not need to be repainted or reinstalled
  • Stucco provides a concrete barrier against insect infestation

How do you install stucco?

Traditional stucco is a mixture made of cement, sand, lime and water. A wire mesh known as lath is nailed to the side of the house. Expansion joints are installed to relieve stress and accommodate for thermal movement. The first “scratch” coat is then applied. Once dry, a second coat known as a brown coat will be applied and floated or smoothed to an even thickness. A similar process occurs with the finish coat. If you’re choosing acrylic stucco, a primer of paint is applied to the brown coat.



Traditional stucco is more cost effective than acrylic and there is almost no limit to the amount of textured finishes you can achieve. Acrylic stucco finishes are limited to the manufacturer; that being said, there are still a wide variety of textures and finishes to choose from. When it comes to color, traditional stucco is limited. It tends to work best in light to medium colors, whereas acrylic stucco is available in any color you want - from bright and vibrant to rich and dark. If you ever want to change the color, both acrylic and traditional can be repainted or even resurfaced in the future.


Stucco is the most labor intensive siding material to install; however, traditional stucco costs about the same as Fiber Cement Board (Hardie). Because the product is more expensive, acrylic stucco costs more.


Stucco is extremely durable, but it’s not bomb proof. Especially older style stucco may have cracks and be in need of repair. Brown Dog Contracting can help! We offer stucco repair and stucco resurfacing. Problems also occur when stucco is not installed properly. That is why it is best to enlist the help of a professional. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The owner-operator of Brown Dog Contracting has over 20 years experience in this field.

Want to install stucco on your home or place of business?

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