Professional cultured stone installation in Cranbrook and Kimberley, BC

Brown Dog Contracting has extensive experience installing cultured stone (which is also known as faux stone cladding, stone veneer or artificial stone) on entryways, walls, chimneys, posts and fireplaces. We also have a keen eye for detail, which means, just like you, we want it to look tidy and professional. Cultured stone, after all, is used to create instant character and enhance curb appeal.

There are several different brands of on the market and we’ve worked with the popular Kodiak Mountain Stone, Eldorado Stone and Boral, as well as Grizzly Ridge Stone, which is manufactured right here in Cranbrook.

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What is cultured stone?

Cultured Stone is actually a registered name brand but more the point, it is a manufactured product made from Portland cement, aggregates and iron oxide pigments for color. When mixed, the materials are poured into molds that are taken from natural stone to mimic the detail. Numerous colors and profiles are available - from river rock and fieldstone to castle rock and the tightly woven ledgestone. Cultured stone comes in individual pieces as well Pro-Fit, which provides a dry stack look but is quicker to install.

What is dry stack stone?

Dry stack is typically smaller, tightly fitted stones that do not use mortar between the joints. You can dry stack some larger ledgestone patterns but because it is more time consuming your installation costs will increase. A more cost-effective and practical way to achieve the dry-stack look is with Pro-Fit: 

Pro-Fit Ledgestone features small stones that are bundled together into workable sheets.

Pro-Fit Ledgestone features small stones that are bundled together into workable sheets.

Cultured stone vs real stone

Cultured stone has been around for years and it is a strong seller because it is lighter than real rock and easier to obtain. Cultured stone is designed to look and feel just like real stone and it’s almost impossible to distinguish faux stone from natural. That being said, some homeowners are choosing natural stone for the look and the fact that it’s made by Mother Nature. If you’re undecided, here are some pros and cons of each:

cultured stone cranbrook

Cultured stone:

- Lightweight so the product is more versatile

- Easier and more cost-effective to install

- Easy to obtain

- Not recommended for use around swimming pools


Natural stone: 

- Oldest, most durable material known to man

- More natural variations in colour

- Recognized as a “greener” option

- Much heavier and a wet saw is required for cutting

Installing cultured stone

Cultured stone is a durable, long lasting product - if installed properly. Do-it-yourselfers can find plenty of great online articles and videos about how to install cultured stone, and once you get the hang of it, installation is relatively easy. Be prepared for frustration, however, as it takes time and the right tools to figure out the proper consistency and patterns. You’ll need patience and a keen eye for detail. Like stucco, if installed improperly, cultured stone can be affected by freeze/thaw cycles.

How much is it to install stone veneer siding? 

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